Sandrine has done for me what 10+ years of therapy and medication could not.”–Allison

“…this experience of coaching, fitness and nutrition has changed my life…” –Marybeth

 “She helped me to focus my energy in the appropriate areas to develop and grow…” Angela

I would highly recommend her services to anyone wanting to improve in his/her path to a healthy and satisfying life.”–Patty

She changed my life…. I’m in a better place spiritually and physically because of her.”  — Danielle

Why Do I Need Holistic Coaching?

Are you telling yourself : “Is that all there is?” “My life is not the way I thought it would be!”

“How can I make the best of it?” “Where do I start?” “I just want to be happy!”

These are just examples of the reasons why you should start on this coaching journey. It’s a short experience of a couple of months initially (6 sessions) to give you a kick start to discovering yourself through a different lens and improve your performance and quality of living.Then the sessions become on demand depending on your progress.


Transformation comes from the inside out. Change comes with a deep understanding of the mind-body connection and the efficient functioning of the whole within your current environment.

How I  Can Help 

I specialize in mental conditioning for superior athletic performance in addition to personal development.  I have experience coaching everyone from individuals who are trying to lose weight to professional teams wanting to boost performance through mental acuity.

Whether you are an athlete or someone who wants to improve your life, coaching can make a difference.

For Sport, Work and Life  

Balance mental, emotional and physical states. Bring your body and mind to an optimal level to achieve peak performance.

Powerful and Lasting Results

  • Improve mental strength
  • Understand your body and manage your health
  • Reduce stress
  • Reduce pain and discomfort
  • Lose and maintain weight the natural way
  • Increase energy and improve sleep
  • Integrate healthier patterns of living
  • Declutter, organize and balance your life

I offer individualized or group coaching sessions by appointment. Call today for a FREE initial consultation at 732-977-5514 or email me at